Addictive Interactive Ltd.

Founded in 2004 by Darren Hurrell and Sarah-Jane Thomson, Addictive Interactive was formed with the goal of developing innovative and "Addictive" Social Network technologies and has since been involved in many customised projects with some of the UK’s best brands ranging from Playstation to Boden, SeaLife Aquariums, Lloyds Register, Thomas Cook, Johnston Press and First News.

Addictive's technology and data collection capacity is extremely advanced and can be customised inline with the clients / project needs. As a team we are happy to take on innovative projects ranging from bespoke websites to e-commerce projects, social networks and rewards programs.

We also have years of expertise in collecting data and then presenting this data is clear and easy to use analytical suites.

In recent years Addictive have also developed Europe’s first plug and play rewards system, the platform allows partners to reward for any actions they see fit from registering, to liking, following, data collection and purchasing. This platform is available as both a universal scheme (like Nectar) and a bespoke white label (like Tesco Club Card).

As a team, we have been developing technology together for 15 years and unlike any other technology supplier we run a successful hub community and rewards platform ourselves. This allows us to stay on the pulse as to what users expect, and deliver solutions that caters for their needs and stays ahead of the market.

Amongst other features the Addictive technologies and team offer:

  • Huge data collection opportunities, behavioural and actual data
  • Advanced social network platform with feature set to cater for all audiences
  • Full analytics and targeted marketing features
  • The ability to develop bespoke technology inline with the partners needs and goals
  • A full rewards platform allowing partners to reward any action they see fit