Our solutions drive customer loyalty and engagement for businesses by simply allowing our partners to reward their customers for any action / behavior that they see fit.

By simply rewarding a multitude of everyday actions online and offline such as purchasing, attendance, liking, sharing, commenting, reviewing, downloading, registering and many more, a brand can impact behavior and as a result, significantly increase their revenues, data capture and customer loyalty.

Tailoring our unique and powerful technology allows you to integrate a fully branded solution that drives customer loyalty and engagement throughout and gives the flexibility to reward any action and purchase that you see fit – including, but not limited to rewarding for membership purchases, exceeding spending thresholds, downloading an app, registering on site, completing surveys and social interaction. Our partners are in full control of what is being rewarded and we will work with you to tailor the entire technology around your goals, strategy, data collection needs and existing systems.

We understand the importance of brand identity and therefore incorporate branded currency and redemption stores into our white label solution to keep the look and feel of the system in line with branding and customers expectations. Partners will be in full control of the look of your rewards pages, the actions you reward and ultimately the level of reward and overall spend. Any data collected can be passed back into existing CRM systems and we can integrate how many points a customer has into their existing "my account" pages / registration details.

The white label solution provides businesses with:

  • A fully bespoke, flexible and branded loyalty solution
  • Branded currency
  • Full data collection and data ownership
  • A branded redemption store containing your own products and services and if required non-conflicting products
  • Integration into a customers existing registration / my account pages
  • Integration into email servers for automated branded statements and messages
  • Integration into any existing rewards/CRM programs
  • Integration on Desktop/Mobile/In store (on a spec by spec basis)
  • Low cost entry benefiting from 10 years worth of technology and experience